• Handmade Crinkle Paper Taggies

    This crinkle paper taggie with ribbon tags are wonderful sensory objects for your little ones to explore. Bubs love exploring and touching the taggie blanket, hearing the loud crinkling noise and play with the ribbon tags helps develop fine motor skills.



    Blanket measures 22cm x 22cm (9in x 9in) blanket measures with tags 26cm x 26cm (10in x 10in)


    This crinkle paper taggie is made from premium cotton fabric with a layer of loud crinkle paper inside. This sensory toy has loud crinkle paper with 4 to 6 ribbon tags sewn in. Each tag is different in colour, prints and textures for your little one to explore.


    All items are handmade in our smoke-free studio in Melbourne! Please note this item is shipped from Australia. Designs may vary. *Please Read MadebyGabbee‚ Shop Policies Before Ordering*

    Soft Rose Handmade Crinkle Paper Taggies